A Love Story ( Original Film Music )

The Story


« A Love Story » by Annina Roescheisen ( Brooklyn, USA) , Original film music composed and orchestrated by Alexandre Bazin. A story is always a journey. Through an artistic visual experience, Annina Roescheisen proposes us once again to follow along the route of her questioning. She reveals to us a little bit more of her perspective on the ‘individuals’ that we are, on our emotions.
“A Love Story” is a transcript of a universal quest in search of a form of harmony, to which love must be the key. With this artistic piece of videoart, Annina Roescheisen continues to paint the world of our emotions. Her palette is further refined and enriched, but her signature is very much in evidence.

Release Date : October 4, 2017
Artist : Alexandre Bazin
Catalog ref. : AB 001
Format : Digital Download

Violin : Valentina Gasparini
Viola : Eva Sinclair
Clarinet : Mohamed Hafiz Razali
Double Bass : Sylvain Le Provost
Piano, Bass, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Celesta, Electronic, Drums : Alexandre Bazin
Screenings : Speechless Film Festival, Mankato, 2016, Minnesota (USA) /Screening at New York New Filmmakers, Anthology Theater, July 2016, New York (USA) / Born awards 2016 ( USA ) – Art Category /Best short film festival 2015 ( USA ) – Award of Merit