Full Moon

The Story


The fruit of three years of work, Full Moon combines Alexandre Bazin’s perpetual musical influences. Cinema music and experimental music have served as the departure point in writing this album. Full Moon depicts adolescence “Youth”. “Full Moon” is the kindly light on carefree nights. The impetuousness of youth deploys itself like a torrent that cannot be channelled “Outsiders”. Night is the backdrop of the story. A group of adolescents “Followers”, sneak out and run through town “Nightriders”, until they reach the ocean “Silence of the Sea”. Stars shine above them “The Glass Key”. Time sometimes seems suspended, infinite “Runaway”. Dark and intrepid facing their future “One plus One”. Wreathes of smoke thicken the light and consciousnesses drift “Space is the Place”.
Dawn appears and unveils its glimmer “Nova Express”.


Release Date : July 22, 2016
Artist : Alexandre Bazin
Catalog ref. : UR089
Format : Tape

Gear used : Minimoog Synthesizer, TR 808 (yocto), Roland TR 707, Boss DR 55, Organ Farfisa VIP 345, Wavetek, Piano Yamaha U3, Oberheim SEM PRO, Fender Twin Reverb, Guitare Teisco 1960, Fender Jazz Bass, Martenot Clavi Harp, Musser Glockenspiel, Musser Xylophone, Moog Phaser, Moog Ring Modulator, effects