The Story


Two Colors is Alexandre Bazin and Jonathan Fitoussi, now living in Paris. Their association was born under the aegis of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales – GRM where they decided to develop their own particular innovatory approach. Drawing on a rich and elegant mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation they set a very personal seal on a music of emotional power and integrity.


gear used : Hohner Pianet M, Sequential circuits Prophet 600 , Electric Organ Yamaha YC45-D, EMS Synthi A, Roland SH-09, Sequential circuits Pro-One, Piano Yamaha Grand, Piano Steinwway Grand Concert Model D, Guitare Teisco, Fender Jazz Bass , Twin Reverb, Fender Telecaster Nashville, percussions, Martin D 16GT, Oberheim SEM PRO, Roland TR 626, Roland R8, Philips Philicorda, Chamber Organ.

Release Date : May 28, 2014
Artist : Alexandre Bazin & Jonathan Fitoussi
Catalog ref. : AT03
Format : Digital Download

All music composed by Alexandre Bazin & Jonathan Fitoussi
Photography : Série Nan, tree 2010 Thailand © Oliver Vaccaro
audiotape records / Cézame